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General information

 Wide ranging experience throughout Latin America
 Familiar with variations between local usages of Spanish
       (however, please see the page where I discuss “The Myth Of Spanish Dialects“)
 Grew up in Mexico, attended Mexican school
 Served 2 years in Venezuela with the Peace Corps
 Lived in Guatemala
 Extensive travels throughout Latin America
 San Diego State University Graduate

Professional background dispensing
social services in Southern California
 Counselor with Agencies that included Translation Services for Latinos  Teacher of English as a Second Language for Latinos
 Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language

Convenient and swift access:
 Contact by traditional mail, telephone, e-mail, or fax
(please alert me by phone or e-mail before faxing)
 Will participate in telephone conference calls to conduct oral interpretations across three or more phone devices

Consulting services offer a more cost effective
and versatile alternative to hiring staff  

 I approach translating as a craft, almost as an art. I entertain various options until the right one conveys the thought as precisely as the languages allow.

 I like to stay in close contact with my clients, so we may clarify ambiguities that often surface upon translating any language.

 Many times the original, either in Spanish or in English is edited to express an idea even more precisely.

For information about Spanish Translator Rates, Scheduling, etc…..
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Please send me a representative sample (or preferably the entire document) for an estimate.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at my rates, and when all is said and done, you will be amazed at the quality.