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For most assignments, we charge $59.00 per hour (in U.S. Dollars).
We do not charge for consulting references (such as dictionaries, discussions with colleagues, calls to terminologists or to the library, etc…). Depending on the nature of the document or the agency presenting it, I may charge less. (Please see the section “Rates: details“, below)

 Please note that one page (~350 words) of a formal official document, takes approximately one hour to translate (yielding a cost of $59 per page with about 350 words).  In order to give you a precise price quote to which we will commit, we need to see the actual document, or a representative sample. Please kindly send us your documents using the contact page.

 Generally speaking, the final charge comes to somewhere between $0.17 and $0.20 per word in the “target” language (versus the original, or “source” language). The range in cost reflects differences in content, format and difficulty between documents. Some projects, depending on their nature, require more time and effort than others.
(Please see the section “Scheduling & Deadlines“, below)

Rates: details

Charging by the page can be misleading since the amount of text varies from one document to another. The width of the margins, the size of the script/font, the presence of graphics, the “leading” between lines, all determine the amount of work.

When charging a fixed rate by word, clients submitting informal documents in effect partly subsidize the work done to formal documents.
   What we can call the “register”, where the document falls on the continuum between formal and informal, will determine how long it takes to perform a translation.
   The more informal the language, the lower should be the cost of a translation because the work requires less effort.  Charging by the hour, at times on a sliding scale, automatically allows for the differences.

For personal, informal documents, we have created a workflow that will be much faster and considerably cheaper to you:
1- You send us a transcript (by e-mail or through our contact form ),
2- You call us with any conference-call software, and
3- We translate over the phone while you take notes (or record otherwise).

We want to help the world getting better.
  For non-profit organizations (such as social service agencies, NGOs, community volunteer associations, etc.) that are not involved in business, we charge at a much lower rate or even take over the full costs. Please call us to discuss your situation.

We are very confident you will be pleased with our collaboration.  Our experience has been always positive and the return business testifies to the satisfaction of our clients.

Scheduling & Deadlines

Our professional translators are able to translate 2000 words (or more) per day depending on the nature of the document.  Usually we complete a short e-mailed assignment by the next day after receiving it.  If time is of the essence, please suggest a deadline. Evidently, conventional mail will add several days before and after the translation.

For faster quote and service, please send your document in the contact formular, so you can design and keep your own formatting and layout.  Also, you may want to phone and alert us of your transmission, or discuss other particulars.